Update Time!!!

19 03 2012

Yikes, it’s been such a long time since I’ve last updated.  I keep telling myself I would do it more often.  >_< 

Lots of stuff going on!!!!!

I’m such a huge nerd!  I went to Blizzcon 2011.  😀  Tickets keep getting more and more expensive each year.  ><  This was my 2nd year in a row going!  I got to check out the upcoming WoW expansion.  It looks interesting.  I heard there won’t be a Blizzcon this year.  😦

I took a trip to Hawaii in Oct./Nov. 2011.  That’s a view of Waikiki from my hotel.  So pretty!  I feel so at home there. 

One of my favorite places to eat in Honolulu:  Rainbow Drive-In. 

Shave ice from Matsumoto’s!  Yum!  ❤

I took a trip out to the Big Island while I was out there.  This is one of the black sand beaches.  There was a cute sea turtle sunning itself on the sand. 

Yummy custard filled malasadas!!!!  So good!

I really wish I could move to Hawaii.  I totally love it there!!!  Hopefully I can visit again this year.  ^_^

My cute little dog.  Peek-A-Boo! 

I found this a Marukai.  It caught my eye.  Pepsi Pink.  o_O

My cute Valentine’s Day nails.  ❤

About a month ago, I came out of the office building at work to find this…  D:  I can’t believe how careless people can be sometimes.  😦  But on a good note, it’s fixed.  😀

That’s about all the updating I have for now. TTFN. ^^v



More stuff…

20 10 2011

I’m so bad at keeping up with my updating.  Partially because for some reason my photobucket always seems to glitch.  o.O  I’m not quite sure why…

Anyway on to the pictures!

black w blue glitter nails

I got my nails did!  Since Halloween is around the corner I decided to go with black, but since I will be spending it at the beach I threw in some blue glitter. 

I saw this on the way home about a week ago.  It’s a Kitty Mobile!!!  =^_^=

I’ve been addicted to this iphone/android game called Japan Life by Nubee.  I love it.  It’s not one of those games that requires constant baby sitting, but you can come back to it on occasion.  Here’s my kawaii Japanese town! 

Side note:  I managed to get tickets to Blizzcon this year thank you to my friend Noelle!!!  ❤  It starts tomorrow.  I’m so excited!!!  ^_^

More updates…

12 10 2011

I think my pictures are working now…  (BTW, these photos are all completely random!)

Afro Curry:  This is tofu curry from Curry House.  My hubby was messing around.  Can you see the smiley face?

Hello Kitty Tape:  I found this super cute duct tape at Target.  ^_^

Play ball!  I went to a Dodger game with some friends.  Sanrio did a collaboration with the Dodgers and gave out these limited Hello Kitty plushies!  ^_^

Sparkly:  I’m also adding something new to my site that people can purchase.  This is actually a crystal dangle for floral arrangements.  I made these for the arrangements for my wedding.  They are round glass beads spaced with heart shaped silver chain.  The end is weighted down with a heart shaped glass bead.  I’ll post a picture of the arrangement up when I get them.

New neighbor:  I have a new pet in my backyard.  We found this little guy running around.  Cute, no?  😀

My wedding nails.  Since it was Hawaiian theme I decided to go with tropical flowers on my nails.  The base is a white shimmery gradation with yellow plumeria, pink ginger and pink hybiscus designs.  So pretty!  ❤

I found this awesome seller on Etsy.com.  They specialize in custom cake toppers.  I love owls, so I thought this would be the perfect cake topper for me!  ❤

Hot dog:  You can’t see the fan, but this is my dog keeping cool by sleeping directly in front of a large Vornado fan.  You can see his fur blowing.  XD   (And if you are wondering, yes that is a very large Pomeranian.)

Crystal clear:  It rained the other week, here’s a picture of the view from my office.  It’s nice and clear and you can see the ocean.  So pretty!  (I really wish I could have been at the beach that day instead of indoors.  :<)

I’m so excited!  The count down for Blizzcon begins!!!  It starts next Friday and I have tickets!!!  😀

That’s about it for now…  I will post more later.  Bye bye!  ^^v


3 10 2011

I’ve been MIA for a good while…  Here are a couple pictures I pulled off my phone.  😀

I came across this interesting thing…  PetSmart started selling Marimo Moss Balls.  They look so fluffy!  😀

I’ll post more later…  For some reason my photobucket account is wigging out.  -_-


13 07 2011

My soon to be hubby bought me an early birthday gift.  I love it!!!  He got me a hot spot device and an iPad.  Thank you!  ^_^ 

Summer is here!

24 06 2011

I didn’t get a chance to post the other day, but happy 1st day of summer!!!!  🙂  Also happy birthday to my little bro!  (6.21.11)

Google did a super cute first day of summer front page.  Check it out!

The artwork was done by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.  I love his work.  I’m also contemplating on launching a jewelry line.  More info to follow.  ^_^

Hello Kitty and Sakura!

13 05 2011

I love sakura!  They are one of my favorite flowers.  They’re so pretty!  What’s even better than sakura?  Hello Kitty with sakura!  Sephora just got in some super kawaii Hello Kitty items!  I want!!

My wish list:

Say Hello Palette Memoirs of a Kitty

Memoirs of a Kitty Notebook

Tokidoki Beach Make Up Bags

Speaking of sakura, I’m kind of bummed.  I missed the cherry blossoms this year at Balboa Lake.  I completely forgot to go!  Oh well…  There’s always next year!

Side note:  I love World of Warcraft’s graphics.  The scenery is so pretty!!!

Here’s a picture of my warlock in Loch Modan.